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出典: フリーグリフデータベース『グリフウィキ(GlyphWiki)』
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This document is a direct translation of the October 22nd, 2008 revision of the Japanese original at (GlyphWiki:あなたにできること).

There are a number of open tasks where your contribution is welcome!

Simple adjustment

In the navigation menu on the left, try clicking the “Random article” link. Some of the glyphs currently registered at GlyphWiki have been automatically generated by means of an algorithm. These automatically generated glyphs all have a “Simple adjustment” section at the bottom of their page. There, outlined in red, is the currently selected layout for that glyph. If you feel that one of the other layout options is more suitable for the overall design and look of that particular glyph, please click on the desired layout to select it as the glyph's new layout. Doing so presents you with a preview of the glyph using the layout you selected. If everything looks good, press “Save page” to save your changes.

Spread the word!

Feel free to use the glyph images and fonts generated at GlyphWiki. You are welcome to use direct links (deeplinking) to the image or font in question. And by all means, let interested colleagues and friends know about the existence of GlyphWiki by word of mouth!

Register uncommon Chinese characters (外字 – gaiji) not yet in GlyphWiki

Please register any uncommon kanji you may have gathered over the years. Eventually, the goal is to end up with a compilation of all known Chinese characters.

Help translating

We are looking for speakers of English and Chinese to help with the translation of GlyphWiki's various messages and documents from Japanese.

Contribute ideas towards making GlyphWiki easier to use

Any ideas or tips to help make the provided tutorials and explanations easier to understands are welcome. The same goes for other aspects of GlyphWiki.