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Do not use zh/H,T design without for ####-g and HK glyphs. Glyphs which you already updated became wrong. Please STOP lump update!!!. --kamichi 2015年4月17日(金) 22:23

UPDATE @ 2:21 JST: Sorry I think I have misunderstood your meaning earlier on. Actually, I did not intend or attempt to change any glyph to use the bottom right zh/H,T design in any update for the ####-g and HK glyph (in fact, zh/H,T design should only be used in ####-t and ####-h but never be used for ####-g glyph). I have just discovered that the change we are all seeing now to the "koseki-######" and "u####-g" is a bug in the KAGE rendering engine, and affects all new characters created. Details below:

Bug in KAGE

When including components (e.g. type "99" stroke), the last right bottom corner often change into the Right Bottom ZH(t/h) style. The bug appears in the png and svg. However, the rendering is correct in the editor. Affected glyphs:

This bug occur for all new glyph. Example is visit or or and you find the preview is incorrect.

If you refer to the change to use the left bottom (new zh), i.e. u5c71-g01, for non uxxxx-g glyphs, please refer to original reply (excerpt) below. chanhenryfaihang 02:30, 18 April 2015

Original Reply:

  • Sorry for the affect! I have checked each glyph again now. During Lump Update, I changed only the default, "-g", "zihai-", "g-" and "sawndip-" forms. However, certain non-localized glyphs were changed because they were aliased directly to the -g form. My changes and finding are now listed below:

Part 1 - Question

Some default characters were changed because:
  • Default alias to the -g form: u2aa4e, u2aa5b, u5c7f
  • Only have default form (no -jv form): u2bd75, u2bd76, u2bd78, u2bd8a, u2bd95.
  • These characters only have GX-xxxx source. (1) Should I split these into -g/-i and -jv?; (2) Should default page go to -jv or -g?

  • 分離せず、そのままGデザインに直してください。--kamichi 2015年4月18日(土) 21:59

Part 2 - Correct Changes?

I have checked with the sources before and after the lump update and detail my decision making. Please see if I made any mistake.

Part 3 - Corrections

Please inform me if I have made any mistakes, I will correct them as soon as possible! Please accept my sincere apologies... chanhenryfaihang 01:25, 18 April 2015

  • 基本的に、chanhenryfaihangさんが上に書いた(考えた)ことは全て正しいです。今回は、KAGEエンジンのバグを私が勘違いしてしまいました。Gソースや中華字海のための部品としているものはGデザインにしても良いと思います。ただ、日本の漢字にGデザインの部品を間違えて使ってしまうことは起こりうると思います。今後の課題です。--kamichi 2015年4月18日(土) 21:59

About u53e3-t@5

While u53e3-t@5 is faithful to the standards, on GlyphWiki it is currently only regarded as a stroke design difference and is not allowed, unfortunately. (Allowing this shape in the GlyphWiki KAGE engine has been considered, though...) --umbreon126 2015年3月30日(月) 12:50
  • To make it clearer, lower-right corners in the style of u53e3-t@5 are not allowed, even if it the standards dictate that it must be that way. Use the normal lower-right corner instead. u8a3b-t@1 is okay, but u8a3b-t@2 is not. --umbreon126 2015年4月7日(火) 15:59
    • Sorry, I had missed this message. I will avoid using this style in the future. However, what are the considerations for not allowing this shape? Just curious. Also is it possible to extend the KAGE system to faithfully reproduce certain required G-source forms in the future? E.g.:
  • small triangle in lower left hand corner of 豎折 u31d7, similar to chanhenryfaihang_stroke-szh
  • small triangle on the top of (non-composite) 捺 u31cf, similar to chanhenryfaihang_stroke-n.
  • thickened 捺 stroke when connecting 橫 and 捺, similar to chanhenryfaihang_stroke-hn instead of u4e41. If I choose right-top corner and slash right, it becomes illegal stroke...

    • For extension of the KAGE system, you have to ask 利用者:kamichi; it seems that things have been considered at GlyphWiki:井戸端 ("GやTやVソースの字形を忠実に再現することに関して":"About faithfully reproducing G, T, and V source character shapes"), but it doesn't look like the discussion has brought any change.
    • sandbox@2159 - for the shape on the left, use "L-btm.(G/T)", which looks like the shape on the right
    • chanhenryfaihang_stroke-n - ignore the triangle
    • chanhenryfaihang_stroke-hn - (I'm not sure, could you give an example of where it appears?)
      • (the u31c8 shape in u6bb3-g is also considered illegal by the glyph editor...)
    • -- umbreon126 2015年4月8日(水) 13:43

  • I see. I am currently suggesting modifications of H-source forms to the HKSAR Government after the lengthy revision of the hka IVD collection. I would like to be able to reproduce some stroke forms that are found in the G-source charts. However, I am not good at drawing beizer curves and I wish not to use any copyrighted commercial font. I am very excited to see GlyphWiki provide a user-friendly means to draw ideographs but just not enough to reach the exact form I wish to convey. Therefore, I am wondering if it is possible to extend KAGE to faithfully reproduce the triange for chanhenryfaihang_stroke-n and chanhenryfaihang_stroke-szh.
  • For chanhenryfaihang_stroke-hn, this form appears in the word u4eaa and u4e41.

chanhenryfaihang 14:51, 8 April 2015

  • FYI. In GlyphWiki:井戸端, the owener of GlyphWiki mentioned in 3 years ago the possibility that the lower-right corner in u53e3-t@5 is allowed after implementing it into the KAGE system. The revision is not realized yet. I left a reminder there. --ziyang 2015年4月8日(水) 22:15

  • I have caught cold since this Sunday. Please wait for the answer... --kamichi 2015年4月10日(金) 09:34


Sorry for my wrong editing. I'll restore them soon. --keepout2010 2015年4月13日(月) 02:20
  • Please check the history of the blank glyphs, some of them should be moved from, for example, 古壮字一覧-UCS未収録分-Part07 to 古壮字一覧-ExtE収録分. The first column should be the Unicode code point, then move it to the correct extension page. Thank you! --chanhenryfaihang 03:26, 13 April 2015
    • I'll check them. And here I have some questions: Which kind of parts should I use for IDS類推字形? For example, is it reasonable to use u8fb6 for character which includes this part instead of u8fb6-g?And I can't understand why some characters are put in "电子方块壮字(SAWN外字)の字形" and some are put in "IDS類推字形" with G variants. I wonder if my editing on sawn-f0543 and u2ff1-u98ce-u5fd8 is right. Thank you! --keepout2010 2015年4月13日(月) 14:51